Avionics Install Shop Near Des Moines, Iowa

Winterset Aviation located at the Winterset Municipal Airport just south of Des Moines, IA provides a wide variety of avionics solutions for general aviation aircraft owners. We offer the following installs: Autopilots, ADS-B Transponders, ADS-B In Receivers, PFDs / MFDs, IFR GPS Navigation Systems, Nav/Coms, Engine Monitors, and More!


Avidyne DFC 90

The Avidyne DFC 90 Attitued Based Autopilot System has all the standard vertical and lateral modes of operation typically found in turbine class autopilots including FD, Altitude Hold, Airspeed Hold, Vertical Speed Hold, HDG, Nav, APPR, LOC/GS, and GPSS Modes

Certified to work with Avidyne and Aspen PFDs in Several Cirrus, Bonanzas, Cessna 182s, and Piper PA-46 series aircraft.

  • Attitude Based
  • Envelope Protection
  • Envelope Alerting 
  • Enhanced Flight Director
  • HDG Mode
  • Nav Mode
  • GPSS (Roll steering commands)
  • Vertical Speed Select
  • IAS Select
  • Altitude Hold
  • Altitude Select
  • Altitude Pre-Select
  • GPSV (LPV Approaches)
  • Control Wheel Steering
  • Emergency Level
  • Plug and Play with Certain Stec Autopilots
  • And More!

TruTrak Vizion Autopilot

The Tru Trak Autopilot System is an affordable and very capable autopilot currently available to Cessna and Piper Aircraft Owners as well as experimental aircraft owners.

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  • Bank Angle Select (if no GPS signal)
  • Track Select
  • GPS Nav (Point to point type flight plans)
  • GPSS (Roll steering commands)
  • Vertical Speed Select
  • Altitude Hold
  • Altitude Select
  • Altitude Pre-Select
  • GPSV (LPV Approaches)
  • Control Wheel Steering
  • Emergency Level
  • AEP (Bank Angle Protection Mode)
  • Roll Servo
  • Pitch Servo
  • Install Kit
  • Wiring Harness

Trio Pro Pilot Autopilot

The Trio Pro Pilot Autopilot System offers a lot of functionality wrapped in a small package. Currently Certified for a variety of Cessnas, Piper PA-28s, and Grumman aircraft.

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  • HDG Mode (GPS Track)
  • Course  (NAV)
  • Intercept
  • GPSS (Roll steering commands)
  • GPSV (LPV Approaches)
  • Vertical Speed Select
  • Altitude Hold
  • Altitude Select
  • Altitude Pre-Select
  •  180 Degree Turn
  •  Altitude Recovery
  •  G Force Limiting
  •  Airspeed Limiting
  • Automatic Disconnect
  •  Auto Trim
  • Fuel Management

ADS-B Out Transponders

Garmin GTX 335 Transponder

The Garmin GTX 335 ES transponder offers a quick and affordable one-box, one-swap solution. It is  available with an optional built-in WAAS GPS position receiver, meeting compliance standards for a certified ADS-B “Out”.

  • 1090 MHz Extended Squitter (ADS-B Out)
  • Mode S
  •  Available with Self Contained WAAS GPS Receiver
  •  Garmin Rack Mounted Alt Encoder Available
  •  Remote Mount Options for G1000 or GTN Series Navigators
  •  VFR Squawk Button
  •  Flight Timer
  •  Altitude Monitor
  •  Serial Alt Input
  • Gray Code Alt Input
  •  Serial Alt Out

Avidyne AXP340 Transponder

The Avidyne AXP340 or Remote Mount AXP322 ADS-B Transponder is an excellent lightweight upgrade to ADS-B. 

If upgrading from a KT76A install time is minimal with only minor wiring changes as the AXP340 can use the same tray.

STC Certified for a wide variety of aircraft makes and models.

  • Slide In Replacement for KT 76A
  •  1090 MHz Extended Squitter (ADS-B Out)
  • Light Weight
  • Compatible with Avidyne IFD and Garmin 430W / 530W Series
  • Gray Code Alt Input
  • Serial Alt Input
  • Serial Alt Output
  • VFR Squawk Button
  • Remote Ident Switch Input
  • Remote Mount Option Available (AXP322)
  • Flight Timer
  • Altitude Alerter
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